Embark on the beautiful voyage of life by exploring the magical theology of 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa India- the birthplace of this great art form. Discover yourself from within as you meditate and focus on asanas amidst the pristine shores of the vast Arabian Sea at the lively beaches of Goa.


What is yoga?

No, yoga is not just about the various postures. Rather it entails science that needs to be well imbibed before you begin your career as a teacher. Our yoga therapy teacher training online program opens the doors to new dimensions that explore the unique techniques of yoga teaching.

Mahamukti Yoga in Goa invites you to experience a life-transforming journey by participating in our residential Yoga Alliance International Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course and Yoga Retreat programs in India.


The yoga school in Goa, India is known for its:

  • Yoga Alliance certified courses on yoga teacher training
  • Short term yoga retreats of 4 days and 7 days
  • Excellent team of certified yoga experts
  • Family-like and learning environment
  • Quality Classes with small batch sizes
  • Nutritious sattvic cuisine suited to yogic lifestyle
  • Comfortable accomadation during students’ stay
  • Knowledgeable yoga teachers
  • Personalised attention during classes


Our Unique Yoga Teacher training Course ( YTTC) in Goa

Deepen your understanding of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa flow through our courses offered under Yoga Alliance International registered 100 hour YTTC in Goa, 200 hour YTTC in Goa, 300 hour YTTC in Goa and 500 hour YTTC in Goa.

Our yoga teacher training course is designed in a structured and systematic way that enables better understanding of the subject concepts and the correct method to be followed while teaching the same to others.


Yoga Retreat at Mahamukti Yoga, Goa India

Gift your body, mind, and soul the ultimate refreshment and rejuvenation that you have been longing for, through a relaxing and peaceful Yoga retreat program offered by our yoga school in Goa.

Our dedicated and skilled svyasa yoga therapy course gurus passionate about teaching, will mentor you in your quest for your inner self as you also discover peace, compassion and bliss with their support throughout.

We often seek solutions to our day-to-day problems, in the outer world . However, we forget the fact that in order to mend such solutions , the inside has to be taken into account rather than focussing on the outside or the outer realm.

As the mind and body heals itself from the inside, the rest just follows. So inhale deeply and submerge your mind , body and soul as you undergo our healing retreat program in this beautiful tropical paradise.


Yogic Vacation to Goa- an opportunity of a lifetime

Avail this valuable opportunity of a lifetime as you absorb yourself within the magical aura of Goan Culture and ycb yoga therapist and spirituality in India.

If the beauty of the white sands and exotic beaches of Goa is what lures you, if learning international yoga day under such tropical atmosphere is what entices you, then do visit our premises in Goa- a wonderful escapade that you can look forward to this vacation.

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Yoga and Meditation is the best way to make your lifestyle peaceful & healthier. To get more information about the best yoga and fitness Tips, contact Mahamukti Yoga School. We offer the best Yoga Teacher Training Courses & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh & Goa.

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