Most of the travellers come to our yoga teacher training program. During travelling, Maintaining Your Yoga Practice While Traveling they stop by many tourist cities and it disrupts their daily yoga practice.

So, if you’re planning a longer trip but aren’t sure how to integrate your Daily Yoga practice? It might be a bit challenging task, but it is definitely doable. I’ve been travelling for the last two years and my practice has grown substantially in these two years.

I have compiled a few tips for you that can help you to i do yoga everyday even you are travelling.


Get a light travel mat

You will require a yoga mat that is simple to transport and not too heavy. There are a few brands that make yoga with adriene travel mats extra thin and lighter. Your daily yoga Practice will be a lot easier If you have your own yoga mat with during travelling.

Also, use a mat sling instead of a yoga mat bag, it makes carrying your mat around easier and takes up less space.

Make sure to keep your mat safely along with you on flights. Do not keep it along with the Check-in luggage unless you have packed it in your suitcase. If you just strap it into your backpack, it might fall off when being loaded or unloaded from the plane.


Check out the local yoga studios around you

In cities, it’s very easy to find yoga studios, and you can easily integrate a Drop In-class during your day. Do some research online: There might be a nearby yoga studio from your homestay.

You can find daily schedules of yoga studios on their website; it will help you to plan your yoga class in advance.


Find your practice space:

Once you check-in to your hotel or hotel, explore a good peaceful place to do daily yoga practice. If you’re lucky, there might even be a yoga deck or a terrace with a nice view – if you’re less fortunate there might not be enough space in your room or you’re sharing it with others.

Find a quiet space in the garden instead of a common room. If you are doing it in a public place, then remember that You’re not doing your yoga practice to show off or be judged by others, you’re doing this to come closer to yourself, calm your mind, or get closer to a personal Goal, but that goal should never be to show off.

So, focus on yourself and don’t let the presence of others influence you. If you are practising right next to where somebody is sitting/eating/having a conversation, the space is too cramped for your practice.


Use an online yoga app:

If you do not succeed to find out a nearby yoga studio around, then this is a great opportunity to practice yoga by following some available online yoga classes.

But I strongly suggest you use online yoga apps as an alternative mode to improvising yoga postures. It also can play a very handy tool to remind you of a sequence of yoga asana, if you forget them.


Maintain a daily routine:

It is very hard to do daily yoga practice on a fixed certain time during travelling. Instead of setting a fixed time for your daily yoga practice, I recommend you to maintain a daily routine of doing yoga once in a day.

Try to make it a priority to practice once every day. So, don’t try to do yoga at a fixed certain time of the day while you are travelling.


Try to practice as early as possible:

As mentioned before, this doesn’t have to be a specific time, but the sooner the better. When we’re yoga while travelling or on a yoga holiday, we easily get carried away exploring a new town or meeting new people. undoubtedly, you won’t get time to do a daily routine practice of yoga during day time. So better is to do in the morning after wakeup.


Find a hotel/hostel that offers yoga classes:

These days mostly hostels and hotels offer free yoga classes to guests. It can be your perfect opportunity to do your yoga teaching practice. Just tell the reception that you’re a certified yoga teacher and if they’d be interested in hosting classes.

If they decide to give the yoga classes free, you usually get to stay for free in return, if they’ll be paid, the money goes to you.

It might be better to look for hotels/hostels that have already established yoga classes, if not it will be up to you to find a place to rent/buy best travel yoga mats and props for your students.


Include simple poses in your Daily Yoga Practice:

It’s quite easy to include simple poses during your daily practice. Add a few of the easiest poses in your daily yoga Routine practice and increase hard poses gradually in your daily routine practice.


Remember that yoga doesn’t only happen on the mat

Yoga is so much more than asanas. It’s also about awareness, humility, generosity, contentment, gratitude, compassion and kindness. You don’t need your mat to practice those virtues.

You could do a body scan in the morning to stay present and become aware of how you feel or think about things you were grateful for today before going to bed.

Remind yourself to be generous, compassionate and kind when you’re interacting with others. Even if somebody annoys you, try to be compassionate.

Yoga and Meditation is the best way to make your simple yoga asanas for daily lifestyle peaceful & healthier. To get more information about the best yoga and fitness tips, contact Mahamukti Yoga School. We offer the best Yoga Teacher Training Courses & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh & Goa.

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