aEven five minutes of research into the current yoga scenario will introduce you to the name of Yoga Alliance. Yoga alliance certified teacher training online is a non-profit organization in the USA that creates and provides the guidelines for yoga teacher training all over the world. You can consider it, for lack of a better term, the overseer of yoga teacher training. It provides a unified basis for the recognition of qualified yoga alliance certification courses and standard yoga schools all over the world.

If you are an RYT, ie, a Registered Yoga Teacher, or an RYS, ie, a Registered Yoga School, it means that the Yoga Alliance recognizes you as capable of providing the standard of yoga training that it has outlined. Although there are many top-grade yoga schools without the Yoga alliance certification courses and yoga trainers without a Yoga Alliance certification course done, an association with Yoga Alliance guarantees instant trustworthiness, recognition, and goodwill.


What Yoga Alliance Certification Courses do You Need to Complete to Become an RYT

The journey to becoming a certified Yoga Alliance teacher or RYT has a specific path that must be followed. Otherwise, all your hard work will become useless. Besides taking the required Yoga Alliance certification courses, you will also have to comply with the steps that Yoga Alliance has laid out to become a recognized yoga teacher. There are two phases in the process. We have described them below.


Foundational Track

As the name suggests, the foundational track establishes your foundation as an aspiring yoga teacher. It prepares and grooms you to become a yoga alliance meditation teacher training or RYT in the future. This phase helps in learning how to teach yoga, in contrast to the second stage which is more about practicing how to teach yoga. The Foundational track starts when you join an RYS 200 or RYS 500 school for the initial 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification course.

You can take this course at one go or in two 100-hour courses or semesters. The second semester must be taken within a year of taking the first semester. Once you have completed the course, you become a certified yoga teacher from the RYS 200. But you are still not an RYT 200. For this, you will have to register with Yoga Alliance and apply for the RYT 200 designation.

In light of many past events and incidents that have come to light, Yoga Alliance felt the necessity to introduce an extra step in the process. This is the agreement to a shared Ethical Commitment, which yoga alliance yoga nidra training enforced from the beginning of February 2020. It has three parts – the Scope of Practice, the Code of Conduct and the Equity in Yoga. Once done, you get your RYT 200 credential and become qualified to teach. You will have to now earn 30 Continuing Education credits over the next 3 years, committing to a lifetime of teaching and learning yoga.


Professional Track

After completing the Foundational track, there are several avenues you can choose from in the Professional track. To start with, you can decide to halt here and become a continuing yoga education provider. Another option is to train for and earn one of the speciality batches like RPYT or RCYT. These refer to Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher.


Options to become a yoga teacher trainer

The other options help you become a yoga teacher trainer. The first option is to teach chair yoga certification yoga alliance for at least 1000 hours over a period of 2 or more years and apply for the E-RYT 200 credential. The last and the longest way is to first join an RYS 300 or RYS 500 school to complete your 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification course. This allows you to become an RYT 500.

After this, you must complete 2000 hours of teaching over 4 or more years, with 500 after the RYS 200 or RYS 500 graduation and the rest after RYS 300 or RYS 500 graduation. This makes you an E-RYT 500. You can now become an assistant teacher trainer. To become a lead trainer, you must have gotten 150 of the 200 hours taught by a lead trainer. This is the new standard, up from 65 hours of training with the lead trainer in February 2020, to be effective from February 2022.


Restructuring of the RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Certification Course

The Yoga Alliance restructured the entire curriculum of the RYS 200 Yoga Alliance certification course. It features multiple differences from the previous Style of Teaching like siddhi yoga teacher training. For one, it scrapped the entire system of hours-based class categories to introduce hours and competency-based core curriculum. It replaced the concept of contact and non-contact classes to start a system of in-person and online classes. The online classroom system was not present in the old model.

A maximum of 40 hours of online classes is permissible. The 5 educational categories were compressed into 4 core curriculum categories and 13 competencies. The RYS would need to assess their students based on their knowledge, skill, and experience.
In the new curriculum, Techniques, Training, And Practice consist of 3 competencies – Asana, Pranayama And Subtle Body, And Meditation. It has 75 minimum classroom hours, instead of the older system of a total of 100 hours with a minimum of 75 contact hours.

Anatomy and Physiology consist of 3 competencies – Anatomy, Physiology And Biomechanics. There will be 30 minimum classroom hours, with a maximum of 20 online hours, in comparison to the previous system of 20 total hours with a minimum of 10 contact hours.


Yoga humanities

Previously is known as Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle And Ethics has 3 competencies – History, Philosophy, And Ethics. It used to have 30 total hours with a minimum of 20 contact hours. Now, it has 30 minimum classroom hours, of which a maximum of 20 can be online.

The last category is Professional Essentials, which combined Teaching Methodology and Practicum. Its 3 components are Teaching Methodology, Professional Development, and Practicum. It requires 50 minimum classroom hours, compared to 50 total hours with 20 minimum contact hours previously.
There would also be 15 minimum elective classroom hours for any of the other 12 competencies.


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