Yoga can be said to be an art as well as a science.  On one hand , it is based on a scientific foundation while on the other end,  its presentation is an art just like how the engineer collaborates with the architect to build the best skyscrapers. In the absence of science, the skyscraper would collapse, but its beauty can only be defined by art .Likewise yoga combines art and science while unifying the mind, body and soul.

So, are you planning to get a certification in yoga teacher training and wondering where to get it from? A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Cambodia is a good idea for those looking for a career switch. And if teaching is not your cup of tea, you can still pick up a short retreat that would keep you relaxed and rejuvenated and give you that much needed break from your stressful days of work. You could select from a wide number of destinations worldwide to achieve your purpose.  However, as you read on, you need look no further for Cambodia is the answer to your quest. Read ahead to know why.

In southeast Asia, lies the quiet and peaceful country – Cambodia comprising of a majority of Buddhists (over 90%) Tranquillity fills this place throughout.

The food found here is flavourful, cheap and suited to the vegetarian palette.

The world’s largest religious temple –Angkor Wat lies here. Yoga teacher training cambodia is indeed unique on its own and promises that perfect travel destination to achieve  your certification in yoga teacher training in Cambodia

Not feeling convinced enough?

Check these 7 good reasons to reconsider :


1.The Food

For tropical food lovers, Cambodian food is humble but comforting. Rice is the basic dish served with every meal though in various forms such as stews, fried rice cakes, mixed form with curries and so on. The fish amok here is very popular consisting of white steamed fish with coconut sauce and  which has been wrapped in banana leaf. Fresh herbs and spices add flavour to the dishes found here. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian , the options here are found in plenty when it comes to Satisfying your taste buds.


2.The Beaches

The tropical waters of the Cambodian beaches with their bright colours, small waves and salt in plenty are a must experience with every visit. The rustle of the palm trees are the only sounds you will feel in these beaches which otherwise lie calm and quite , far away from the noisy crowd.


3.Other places of interest:

Apart from beaches, do include these places also in your visiting list when you come to Cambodia yoga teacher training:


Phnom Penh

This charming city is home to some really cool cafes and bars. The National Museum here has some unique Khmer artifacts to discover. Take back home with you beautiful handcrafted souvenirs from the  The Phsar Reatrey. The Royal Palace is yet another must visit that you cannot afford to miss during your travel to Cambodia.


Angkor Wat

A popular tourist attraction in Cambodia and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Angkor Wat is one of the greatest monuments of the times that one can simply behold. In fact it has attracted film shoots too . Tomb Raider and Lara Croft were shot in this site.

A stone gateway with lions as guardians, the seven headed naga and Mt Meru tower are some of the notable features found here. It took  nearly 300,000 workers and 6,000 elephants to build this vast architectural wonder.


Preah Khan

To enrich the history of Cambodia, Preah Khan or Royal Sword – a creation of King Jayavarman VII is another major tourist attraction of Cambodia.It is in the northeast zone of Angkor Archaeological Park and is a must visit for travellers.

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