Are you looking for a program on best yoga classes in Goa teacher training that is authentic and detailed?

Do you desire to join a global yoga family to hone your teaching skills and uplift your career?

Do you long to study and learn yoga right from the birthplace of yoga itself?

Then look no further. For the right time, place and yoga school awaits you now in  India- ‘the birthplace of yoga.’

Yoga teacher training at Mahamukti Yoga in Goa – The only program in Asia offering quality, affordable courses along with a transnational yogic journey to remember.

In the commercial world, finding a yoga Teacher Training that is affordable and yet not inadequate in depth, is beyond possibility. Our unique yoga school aims to provide its students the best of both worlds!


Why Mahamukti Yoga Teacher Training in Goa?

At Mahamukti Yoga, you will find the teaching methodology, the Supportive family-like environment and values  unmatched with any other. Here are the advantages that you can reap as a student of this best yoga ttc in Goa school:

  • World-class yoga teachers
  • Small batch size of 15 students only
  • Exposure to the teachings of multi-style yoga
  • An opportunity to rediscover yourself along with your journey to  India
  • 28 days of interactive sessions with like-minded fellow yogis
  • The taste of health with nutritious, Indian sattvic meals that are vegetarian to suit the yogi’s diet
  • The real experience of yogic lifestyle
  • Quality and comprehensive intensive yoga course for beginners content


Goa – the place to be

For yogis who are beach lovers, Goa is the ideal destination for you! Its unparalleled tranquillity, tropical climate,  beautiful coastline, and the sound of the swaying palms and the gentle waves , all act as the perfect backdrop favouring your practice and learning of yoga. The peaceful ambience and the charm of Goa is sure to win anyone’s heart and mind! 

Besides, the city takes pride in having an amazing mix of the vibrant culture and the unruffled environment. Goans are very welcoming and appreciate the visit of yogis from all over the world. And so are our Mahamukti Yoga family in Goa who await your presence and participation in their residential teacher training courses and also the become a yoga instructor in Goa retreat Programs in Goa conducted by them.


A snapshot of our yoga teacher training in Goa:

Course name : 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa

Location: Goa, India

Class strength :15 students

Yoga Style: Ashtanga Yoga /Hatha Yoga /Vinyasa Flow

Class Duration :28 Days

Food:Vegetarian, sattvic diet , plant-based

Skill Level: All Levels – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Certification:Yoga Alliance 200-Hour


The take-away


-200 hour Yoga alliance certification

As a graduate of Mahamukti Yoga, you will have the privilege to be certified by one of the most reputed and trusted, authorised international body that sets the standards of Yogic Education for the ideal yoga teacher training program internationally-  Yoga Alliance.

  • Confidence to Teach the world
  • The skills to start your own yoga studio
  • Happiness and enlightenment

Yoga and Meditation is the best way to make your lifestyle peaceful & healthier. To get more information about the best yoga and fitness tips, contact Mahamukti Yoga School. We offer the best Yoga Teacher Training Courses & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh & Goa.

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