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About Mahamukti Yoga School

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Mahamukti is a Sanskrit word that means freedom or liberation. The word freedom incorporates freedom from all kinds of barriers – political, economic, social or spiritual, that gives you absolute peace in your soul. Here we are concerned about spiritual freedom. We believe that inner freedom and peace in mind and soul is more vital than anything else. Mahamukti, in its true sense, refers to the freedom and liberation of one’s mind from this worldly materialistic pleasure without isolating oneself. The Mahamukti Yoga School is situated in the land of the magnificent Himalayas and ever-flowing mystical river Ganges, this is one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh that provides the perfect atmosphere of serenity, purity and sanctity. The calming ambience of our yoga school soothes one’s mind and soul.

One branch of our yoga school is also situated in Goa, one of India’s most vibrant and amazing places. We also offer yoga teacher training courses in Goa and different parts of India & abroad. Our YTTC in Goa gives you liveliness and happiness from the inside out. Mahamukti Yoga School in India has the objective of delivering the best yoga and meditation class to the people who want to explore themselves through yoga and spiritual healing.

Aim And Objective Of Our Yoga School

Akhilesh Bodhi founded this yoga institute in 2012 to give a good space for yoga learners to learn, experience, and explore the core principles of yoga. The students of all ages practice their connection to yoga sadhana. They will share their yoga experience with others. The training program at our yoga school is the most comprehensive and rigorous yoga teacher training program in the world academically. Goa and Rishikesh are one of the calmest and most beautiful places for yoga; learning yoga at these locations will be a pleasant experience for lifetime and one that should not be missed in our advanced courses of 100 Hour YTTC and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Join the Mahamukti Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh and Goa and take a deep dive into the spiritual journey and experience.

Yoga is all about discovering yourself, at Mahamukti Yoga School we aim to add energy, strength and beauty to our student’s body and soul. We help students to enhance their yoga sadhana and internal thoughts while taking care of teaching ethics and principles. Mahamukti Yoga School offers 100, 200 hour YTTC in India. We make you a part of the Mahamukti Yoga family, help you to learn, grow and share your opinions, views and ideas with others around you. Our objective is to offer our students several options for them to choose from. In order to suit individual requirements, which may vary on a case to case basis, we have included all the basic and advanced yoga teacher training programs. All our courses are registered under the Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance International. Keeping in mind the quality of our courses, we strictly adhere to the guidelines in compliance with Yoga Alliance standards.

What Our Yoga Retreat And Yoga Teacher Training Course Will Offer You?

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Goa, India

Mahamukti Yoga Teacher Training Course is not only considered one of the most authentic yoga teacher training centre in India, but it is also recognized for its timely yoga retreats at various destinations across the globe. The word’ retreat means to move back or retire. However, there is a difference between “retirement” and “retreat”. When one ‘retires’ from one’s workplace or any job, one not only leaves that place or job, with it, one leaves all the responsibilities related to it. The retreat has a more profound significance. The retreat is a way of connecting and realizing one’s mind, spirit and body through meditation, breathing and philosophy. Retreat helps retrieve oneself from any worldly activities by concentrating on meditation, breathing and pranayama.

Mahamukti Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh helps one retire from one’s hectic life and spend some time connecting with the inner world of oneself. The best way of connecting with the divine world is through connecting one’s mind to one’s own physical body. Yoga and meditation make such connections possible. Through various yogic activities and meditation, one can be aware of the three-level of the existence of a human being. Mahamukti offers an environment of divinity and tranquillity which encourages one to withdraw oneself from worldly involvement. Its proficient infrastructure and skilled instructors free oneself from any activities, whether taking care of the outer world or oneself. The ashram takes care of food, shelter, and all other basic needs and frees one to ponder upon oneself, rejuvenating one’s senses and looking within. Mahamukti allows getting liberated from the burdens of daily life. It is a way of questioning oneself, seeking unanswered questions of life, and refreshing one’s consciousness and getting a holistic view of the world. Our team of experienced yoga instructors guide one to get rid of all kinds of stress, anger, agony and fear through guided meditation and designed yoga practices.