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Frequently Asked Questions Mahamukti Yoga School

Is your school registered with Yoga Alliance USA?

Yes, Mahamukti Yoga is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, which is also known as RYS. Our yoga school follow and maintain the standards of the Yoga Teacher Training Course. We offer certified RYS200, RYS300 and RYS500 courses in India and abroad.

Which form of yoga do you teach?

At Mahamukti Yoga School, you will learn all forms of yoga and its philosophies. Our primary forms are Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pranayama and the art of meditation. You will get deep knowledge about each practice of yoga, along with its basics and disciplines of yogic life.

Do I have to give any exams at the end of the course?

Yes, it is compulsory for all the students to give the exam after completing the respective course. We conduct exams and practicals in a transparent manner, and the examination will give you a precise evaluation of your learning and teaching skills. And without attending exams, you will be not awarded with YTT certification.

What will I get to eat during the yoga course?

We offer healthy nutritional food (sattvik bhojan) three times a day. Organic vegetables and fruits and picked from the local market and prepared by our expert cooks at Mahamukti Yoga School. They have an excellent knowledge of a balanced healthy diet. In beverages, we offer detox water and herbal drinks, which helps to purify your body. No alcohol, meat and junk food are allowed.

I only speak English. Will this cause problem for me in classes?

No, we have students from across the globe, and our teachers have excellent English speaking skills. They will teach and instruct you the yoga theories and postures in English. You will not find any difficulty if you speak English or any other language.

What kind of accommodations will be offered to us in Mahamukti Yoga School?

Mahamukti Yoga School is one of the best yoga teacher training providers in India and abroad. We offer clean and airy rooms, three times organic food, herbal tea, one ayurvedic therapy, a cab facility and many types of fun activities along with the top yoga teachers and yoga classes. You will get a complete holiday feel at our school.

How many yoga practitioners will be there in a batch?

There will be 12-15 students or yoga practitioners in one batch at Mahamukti Yoga School. A limited number of students have been enrolled in each course so that proper attention can be given to all the students. For more information or any query, you can contact us anytime or WhatsApp on- +91-9536200770.

Can I teach yoga after the 200 Hour YTT course?

Yes. After getting the 200 Hour Yogalliance Certification, you are able and authorized to teach yoga practices and philosophies. But Remember to become a great yoga practitioner and teacher, you should never give up your yoga practice and learning. The deep you study, the more right knowledge you can spread to the world.