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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 2024: Celebrating Unity, Wellness, and Harmony

In an extant world plagued with stress, anxiety, and lifestyle-related diseases, yoga dwells as the lighthouse of serenity and comfort. International Yoga Day is held every year on the 21st of June. It has been accepted globally as the arena for popularising the art as well as the therapeutic aspect of yoga. On the 2024 International Day of Yoga, we should take a moment to look back on its origin, the reason behind it, and the concepts reflecting its development.

The history of International Yoga Day

the history of International Yoga Day
the history of International Yoga Day

The historical origin of International Yoga Day is crowned by a suggestion from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech delivered at the UN General Assembly in 2014. Identifying its universal accessibility and healthy effects, he encouraged establishing a day to acknowledge this ancient Indian practice. Following that, the United Nations General Assembly made a unanimous decision that June 21 would be commemorated as the International Day of Yoga. It would feature a major contribution to the international perception of yoga outside of borders.

Aims of the International Day of Yoga

Aims of the International Yoga Day
Aims of the International Yoga Day

Realising that even the idea of ‘yoga’ has a direct relation with the health of every individual on this planet, is the main aim of World Yoga Day. It signifies the power of yoga to plant seeds of peace and sustainability in every place where it is being practised. In consequence, it supports and realises the goals of the world’s tranquillity and sustainable development.

  • Promotion of Physical Health: The International Day of Yoga promotes physical health. Yoga improves fitness and suppleness by doing asanas and pranayama. It has no preferences for age or gender, and hence, any individual can adopt it.
  • Emotional and Mental Well-being: Global Yoga Day preaches to being mindful, relaxed, and meditating for a release of anxiety, mental health conditions, and depression
  • Cultural Preservation and Heritage: The International Day of Yoga acknowledges yoga’s great Indian legacy through a variety of special programmes, activities, and classes. It also sports the deep cultural heritage of yoga in the whole world, recognising its ancient origins.
  • Promotion of Global Unity and Solidarity: Yoga, a common universal activity, helps people of all backgrounds have an opportunity for unification. The celebration of the International Day of Yoga promotes global unity and peace by celebrating shared practice and participation.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Yoga instils ethical values that protect the environment. It adopts a way of life that is friendly to nature. The celebration of Yoga Day brings awareness to the public and reminds participants about an eco-friendly approach. It calls for an eco-friendly way of life to be adopted.
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The significance of Yoga Day

The Significance of International Yoga Day
The Significance of International Yoga Day

Yoga has more meaning than performing fitness exercises. It is an integrative lifestyle consisting of multiple practices. It targets the overall wellness of an individual and the universe around us. It works on the encouragement of mindfulness, stress reduction, and whole-body health. International Yoga Day takes on a significant role in the present-time problems of lifestyle diseases and mental health conditions.

Themes of International Yoga Day: From 2014 to 2024

Themes of International Yoga Day
Themes of International Yoga Day

Beginning with its introduction, International Yoga Day has been celebrated under the titled themes every year. These themes correspond to current trends and current lifestyle issues. 

2014: “Yoga for Harmony and Peace”

The first theme in 2014 highlighted the yoga practice‘s potential to unite people beyond creating global peace. Yoga calms the mind, restoring emotional balance. The theme created a sense of harmony and peace among people across the globe.

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2015: “Yoga for Health”

The 2015 International yoga day theme concentrated on several health advantages of yoga. It involves developing physical fitness, elevating mental health and improving daily living. Its central goal was to highlight the importance of incorporating yoga practices into an individual’s daily routine. It acts as an indispensable medium to support health and wellness.

2016: “Connect the Youth”

Encouraging youth involvement is a core element of the theme for 2016. It addresses the impact of yoga as a driving force that brings youth together. It offers them an opportunity to make healthier and more balanced rather than unhealthy decisions. In this way, young people could be inspired to grapple with yoga as a way for self-discovery. It is rooted in self-knowledge and all-around personal development.

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2017: “Yoga for Wellness”

For the year 2017, the theme was yoga wellness in its fullest form. It includes the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of individuals. This emphasised that yoga could foster a whole-health approach by dealing with different aspects of health. It involves stress management, emotional stability, and a disease-preventing lifestyle.

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2018: “Yoga for Peace”

The concept of peace was expanded on individual, societal, and global levels during International Yoga Day in 2018. It was based on yoga as an enriching practice that brings inner peace, compassion, and balance among individuals. Thus, it contributes to a world that is more tranquil and sustainable.

2019: “Yoga for Climate Action”

The theme for World Yoga Day 2019 Yogasana is to demonstrate the positive effects of yoga on the environment and bring climate action as an ecological consciousness activity. It underscores the truth that everything is connected to the earth. Thus we should strive to live in harmony with nature by adopting sustainable lifestyles.

2020: “Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family”

The entire COVID-19 pandemic and in the light of lockdowns all over the world, the 2020 theme accentuated the idea of doing yoga together with family members at home. It proved that yoga is an essential way to a healthy and strong body and mind. It was a game of choice in tough times and quarantine.

2021: “Yoga for Well-Being”

The motto for 2021 was to have a holistic perspective focused on both physical and mental wellness. It enhances the main issue that you can discover a way to preserve the body’s healthiness, psychological power and emotional balance irrespective of yoga’s introduction to daily life.

2022: “Yoga for Healing”

Maintaining the year’s theme of 2021 when a dreadful pandemic occurred, 2021’s topics centre on healing through yoga. It portrayed yoga as a healing tool that influences body, mind, and emotions in conjunction. Thus it served as a healer for the weary in times of desperation.

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2023: “Yoga for Resilience”

The 2023 theme emphasises yoga’s role in preparing for adversities, managing responses, and transforming individuals’ physical, mental, and spiritual resources, enabling success in both familiar and new environments.

2024: “Yoga for Unity and Wellness”

In International Yoga Day 2024, the theme demonstrates the two focal points of unity and health. It highlights yoga’s unifying ability to bridge gaps between individuals, irrespective of their diversities. The theme works at the level of individual, community, and global health.

About International Yoga Day: 2024

About International Yoga Day
About International Yoga Day

With International Yoga Day in 2024, we are celebrating it with the theme “Yoga for unity and wellness“. In this theme, the importance of yoga in uniting people among all communities and nations will be learned. In the face of persevering global problems, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and ecological issues, yoga acts as a solution for coping with challenges, solidarity, and healthcare.

How is international yoga celebrated?

How is International Yoga Day Celebrated
How is International Yoga Day Celebrated

International Yoga Day celebrations are held throughout the world through workshops, different yoga lessons, seminars, and cultural performances. Whether it’s in a thronging city square or a serene natural setting, people come to practise yoga regardless of culture or religion. Moreover, social media platforms have a big role to play in linking yoga around the world. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and inspiration.


In commemorating the International Day of Yoga 2024, let us pledge to pursue yoga as an avenue to wholeness within one’s peaceful coexistence with other people. Going beyond the physical poses, yoga offers a core philosophy and a way of life. It goes beyond ethnicity and unites us towards good health, joy, and peace. Let us unite in the power of togetherness, connecting our bodies, hearts, and minds, thus creating a new path to a healing and balanced world through the principle of yoga practice.

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